About Us

Who we are

The Japanese Pharmacological Society (JPS) was established in 1927 with the express purpose of contributing to the further development of the field of pharmacology through the spread of scientific knowledge on pharmacological theory based on applied research conducted in close coordination with our fellow members as well as other affiliated academic societies throughout the world.

The JPS membership is comprised of 4,000 members as of December, 2021, and is made up of pharmacologists from domestic and international universities as well as pharmaceutical industries. Nearly a thousand papers are being presented at the JPS annual meetings, making the JPS one of the most active pharmacological societies in the world.

The JPS publishes The Journal of Pharmacological Sciences monthly as its official journal in English. The JPS Executive Board consists of the President, Executive Board members, and auditors. All of them serve the Society on a part-time basis. Currently, over 80% of the manuscripts submitted to the Journal are from abroad. We wish to make The Journal of Pharmacological Sciences more accessible worldwide and to increase the number of editors stationed outside Japan. The JPS also publishes Folia Pharmacologica Japonica bimonthly as its official journal in Japanese.